Personal Statement

I'm a BBC TV presenter, reporter, and video journalist, experienced in live broadcasting, filming, editing, and digital journalism. Throughout my career, I've carried out investigations, conducted hard-hitting interviews, and reported on breaking news for BBC TV and radio.

My passion for news and broadcasting comes from my love of talking to people and bringing important stories to a wide audience.

~ Luxmy Gopal

Examples of Luxmy's work

BBC Look North (Presenter)

BBC London News (Presenter)

Showreel 2019

BBC Look North: Social Media Addiction (Reporter)

BBC Channel Islands: Tourism Boost from Literary Festival (Reporter)

BBC Channel Islands: Jersey Budget 2017 (Reporter)

BBC Channel Islands News (Presenter)

BBC News: Marathon Winner Disqualified for being Russian (Reporter)

BBC Channel Islands: Woman Campaigns after her Dad Dies Homeless (Reporter)

BBC Channel Islands: Jersey Govt withdraws Ice Rink Support (Reporter)

BBC Channel Islands: Brexit could ’cause Jersey Bank Closures’ (Reporter)

BBC The One Show Investigation into Loan Companies (Producer and Researcher)